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Crew of the Blue Falcon

Hired as the crew to ferry an adventuring party for a clandestine rescue mission , the crew of Blue Falcon struck both luck and misfortune as they crossed paths with and eventually aided the party that would eventually become the Wayfinders.  

Captain Solanos

by Artbreeder (Mara Jaena)
The charming yet sometimes callous captain of the Blue Falcon, Solanos is introduced as a man confident in his skills and the abilities of his ship. While he initially does not leave a great impression on either Vasya and most definitely Reylan, the former does seek out his tutelage in martial weaponry after learning he was from a battle academy in Ithliond and the latter-- well, with time, he managed to form a relationship with her.

Over the course of his time with the group, he shows his skill as a battlemage and wants nothing more than to protect his crew and those aboard.

Willux aka "Willie"

The gearforged bosun that serves as an ever-watchful guard on the ship. He is introduced as a construct that is heavily worn and damaged, not at full capacity, and in great need of repair-- which Solanos admitted they could not afford at the time leading them to take the Vigil's contract to help with the neeeded funds. It was in Portus where Reylan bargained and paid for Willux's repair in exchange for assistance in a mine as she rather likes the gearforged.

Over time, it was revealed by other artificers that Willux is a decommissioned Ithlondian gearforged from a line of guardians set forth as bodyguard constructs and seemingly, his main interest is serving as a bodyguard for Solanos though the captain attributes this to him having rescued and repurposed Willie as a sailor.


The kenku first mate of the Blue Falcon that becomes rather sociable with its visitors. He is rather loyal to the crew and always dives head first into the scene when something goes awry. Lately, however, the trouble that they've run into has gotten so severe that he has nearly died on occasions.   While he occasionally likes to play pranks on the others, he is mostly ever-present to help and has formed such a friendship with the Wayfinders that he gave them a feather each as a farewell present.


The aloof and rather unsociable lookout of the crew, Raven spends most of time in the Crow's Nest and on lookout duty. One of the few times he is present on deck is when he takes the wheel, normally in the dead of night when they're out on sea. When under attack, he prefers his roost up above and far from danger.   Of all of the crew, he merely enjoys sailing and not the hazards or magical dangers that come especially when the Wayfinders are on board. He does, however, enjoy the "Sorry for attracting the latest trouble" snacks that Reylan constantly buys when they reach the next port.


by Artbreeder (Mara Jaena)
Hired as an extra crew hand when departing Batun along with Ecks (who was sadly struck down during the Siege of Prin), the stern-looking new crewmate of the Falcon is rather quiet and keeps to herself. The only exception to this being when drinking or enjoying Jolly's bawdy tales and readings of smut from the latest book that he bought when on shore.

She rather finds Chase's Caspian's bumbling amusing when it doesn't put anyone in jeopardy and does seem to like having the Wayfinders around if only that it means that there's more help on the ship despite the trouble that they run into.

Jordan "Jolly"

by Artbreeder (Mara Jaena)
Found and rescued after being stranded at sea by his former crew, the musical sailor became the Blue Falcon's new cook after agreeing to stay on and assisting the ship. Besides Solanos, Jolly seems to have some rygyra using his music and other objects to cast spells when the group finds themselves in trouble.   Though he was discovered by Tetran and Reylan to have eldritch tattoos magically inscribed on him, Reylan was able to heal a significant portion to prevent him from being easily transformed and ever since has remained a bright if not bawdy beacon of cheer on the ship.


by Artbreeder (Mara Jaena)
As he was searching for new crew to hire, Solanos spotted a teenage drow being rejected as he went from table to table answering flyers and posters seeking deckhands. While the teenager was determined, the captain recognized the boy's distress and, against what he heard of drow, hired him though he quickly learned the teen was just as inexperienced a sailor as he was naïve. Not only that but as the crew encountered perils at sea, Caspian discovered a new ability that allowed him to wildshape normally taking the form of a brown bear if on the ship or a shark in the water when he finds himself in life or death situations.

Before the Wayfinders left on their journey to Darkfalls, a grandiose revelation was revealed by a Knight Magi about Caspian that stunned those present. While he rejected the role he was being forced to play and wished to remain on the ship, the Knight was insistent that he leave with her. Despite knowing the danger and seeing that Caspian truly did not want to leave, Solanos intervened and rejected Bruu's offer for more money. Instead, he developed a plan to keep Caspian safe and on the move, having the Falcon do some small jobs on the coasts to keep away from prying eyes. In order to ease the teen into changing his alias, Solanos tricked him into picking a "sea name" leaving it to the Wayfinders to give him options. Eventually, he set himself on "Caspian the Wildthing".

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