The Hollow Chits (Pokoki Esim)

Some of the most sought after items on Arnathia are "The Hollow Chits." (Pokoki Esim)   Technologists, also known as The Heretics, believe that these items contain vital knowledge that would allow them to bring back Ene as a positive force. They think that the world can be improved and that technology can be the key to advancing the world's civilization.   On the other end of the spectrum are the Dyan. Dyan believe that technology is evil, and any remnant destroyed. The Dyan seek out Ene and often dismantle it immediately, although there have been reports that some pieces that the Dyan leaders confiscated and stored away under the guise of making sure they do not fall into the "wrong" hands.
"If not for Ene, there would have been no Cataclysm. Ene is a force of evil and needs to rooted out and erased from the face of Arnathia - Qano Gekui (Holy Ruler) of the Dyan
  The general description of a hollow chit is that they were thin rectangular pieces of a flexible, semi-opaque material. They would be inserted into the slot on an uwea, which would enable something to show the information.   Capable of storing vast amounts of information, the hollow chits reportedly hold the blueprints for everything the Urnati built over centuries. Some items have been found that were believed to be hollow chits, but they were either bent and misshapen or obviously damaged. And without an uwea, they mean nothing.


The common thread behind variations of this myth is that the items hold the information about Ene. Legend has it that Ene was commonplace before The Cataclysm, and also the cause of it. For this reason, the Hollow Chits are both sought after and feared.

Historical Basis

As it is generally told, these items have been around since before the Cataclysm. In some way, they contain the information needed to replicate the achievements of the Urnati culture. These stories of these achievements include vast cities that stretched from the mountain to the sea, massive structures that could fabricate complicated constructions, and even the ability to travel to the stars. Most of these are considered fables, the glorification of a feared concept. There are no records of these massive cities, nor significant evidence of their existence is known or recognized. And the idea of traveling beyond the surface of Arnathia is considered a fairy tale.   However, the existence of the Hollow Chits is widely believed to be accurate. Many believe that they are objects infused with magic, and that if found, could provide a dangerous level of power to an individual or group. This is an argument the Dyan often use to coerce people to fear the objects.


This myth is known by virtually all Arnathians. And there are many underground Enen Finds dealers who will pay for artifacts, sometimes handsomely.

Variations & Mutation

The most common variation is that these items did indeed hold information at one time, but the means to access that information is long gone and the items themselves are useless.   A second is that the items are infused with some type of magic whose nature has been long lost to the samds of time,   Yet another is that they are simply used as metaphors for the evils of advancing beyond the current level of technology.   The Dyan believe they are crafted of pure evil and must be eradicated by destruction, preferably in a motlen pool from which the Dyan believe the hollow chits came.

Cultural Reception

With the exception if Technologists, these items are truly feared. Partly because of the myth, and partly because the Dyan strike fear into the hearts of those around them. Possession of ene items has often led to the disappearance of not just the item, but the individual as well.
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