Qano Gekui (Holy Ruler) of the Dyan

Qano Gekui Thorin Gossa (a.k.a. Holy Ruler of the Dyan)

The Cataclysm was a message from the gods that technology is the path to Qobal. Those who seek it need to be eradicated.
— Thorin Gossa, current Qano Gekui
The Dyan are a sect of individuals who believe that technology is born of evil, offensive to the gods, and must be destroyed if found.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

The Qano Gekui is always cloaked in a hooded robe that conceals their face. The robe extends to the their feet and its form completely hides the general shape of the wearer.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Not much is known of Thorin Gossa. He ascended to the role of Qano Gekui in 1174 ATG. Before that, it is believed he rose through the ranks of the Dyan quickly and not necessarily by the "cleanest" of means. Rumors of sudden disappearance or death of otherwise healthy individuals above him in the group are whispered carefully, as no one wants to become his next target.


While the actual details of members of the Dyan are particularly difficult to pin down, it is assumed they have a higher level of education than most.


The role of the Qano Gekui is that of "spiritual leader". They have elevated their hatred of technology and their desire to eradicate it to a level of religion, and use references to the gods to bolster their arguments. The Qano Gekui is tasked with maintaining the beliefs and planning for the destruction of technology.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Qano Gekui is the top of the line for a Dyan. As for achivements during the reign of Thorin Gossa, he has overseen raids of villages where it was believed that technology was being hidden, as well as working to spread the Dyan religion farther and farther across Arnathia.

Personality Characteristics


The stated motivation for all Qano Gekui is the eradication of technology and those bellieve in its benefits. However, the current ruler has shown that he might be personally motivated by less savory interests, including his own advancement and gratification.

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— Kahuna The Elder
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