Muioqa Desert

Desolate and Forbidding

There may be more harsh places on Arnathia, but you'd be hard pressed to find them.


The Muioqa Desert is made of sandy patches broken by badlands. Slot canyons lead to nowhere, and many have died trying to explore them.   Arid and desolate, only one feature stands out: The impossibly located Mount Niaholm. The remainder of the desert seems to go on forever in the northeast corner of the Kingdom of Orsholon.

Fauna & Flora

Desert Fox and scavenger birds dominate, fighting over the few small animals that manage to survive the oppressive heat and dry conditions.   Scrub brush and small trees can often be found in or near the narrow slot canyons, where water collects on the few occasions that rain makes an appearance.

Natural Resources

There is little of value in the desert. Although it has been rumoured that one of the thousands of slot canyons has a wealth of gems and ore. But no one - at least those alive - have ever found the canyon or returned from it.
Muioqa Desert  


  • Muioqa Desert
    North of Orsholon, this area is desolate and nearly impassible.
Alternative Name(s)
The Arid Wastes
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