Glassy Earth

The Glassy Earth represents all that was lost, and all that we are.
Ancient Urnati Saying


Material Characteristics

Glassy Earth is composed of microscopic fragments of the materials found at the Cataclysm Blast Site, remnants of the massive explosion that obliterated an area approximately 500 miles across. These materials were all fused together into a super-dense conglomeration, with some larger portions of material and many smaller grains.   It varies greatly in color and consistency, as some was fused together during the explosion, and some fell as molten materials afterward.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Very heavy, and if handled for too long, can cause the bearer to receive burns to exposed skin. If held for very long times, such as in a collection, those who are exposed to it for more than a week usually become ill, wasting away.

Geology & Geography

Composed primarily of the materials found in the Muioqa Desert, there are metals, rocks and other unidentified materials within the Glassy Earth. But the most interesting are what may have been sand particles of quartz and silicon that have fused into clear, colored, glass-like blobs and featured within the rock.

Origin & Source

Found primarily in the Muioqa Desert region, some smaller specimens have been found as far as 1,200 miles away, believed to be carried there by winds and the force of the explosion.

Life & Expiration

The material is stable and if not for the unfortunate side effect of making people ill, would make a wonderful building material.

History & Usage


When Arnathians first tried to return to the blast site, they were turned back by heat, wind, and the growing sickness that would overcome them if they came too close. But they did find specimens of this previously unknown rock all around them. The desert is still unrelenting and unforgiving, and very few who have ventured to the blast site have returned alive. Those who did were scarred and sickened.

Cultural Significance and Usage

The rock is a reminder of all that was lost in The Cataclysm, and of the hardy survivors who made it past the 30-Year-Winter to renew the world.


Handling glassy rock carries the risk of disease that has no known cure. Obtaining it requires passage into the Muioqa Desert, a harsh and forbidding region dangerous for even those creatures born there.

Enviromental Impact

Early reports were that when piles of glassy rock were formed, they would begin to heat up dramatically, even to the point of remelting.


Law & Regulation

Most countries consider glassy rock to be a sacred material, and have outlawed its sale or trade. It's not difficult to find, so there really is not an underground market for it.

Where It Can Be Found

Muioqa Desert  
Not rare.
Primarily white and green with flecks of black, red and yellow, but can vary widely from area to area.
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I likenhow mysterious this rock is. The burns and sickness are really intriguing.

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15 Jul, 2020 22:03

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