Gepa Kubabo

Among the many The Hollow Chits - Pokoki Esim believed to have existed is the Gepa Kubabo. This particular hollow chit is rumored to be the key to all of the hollow chits, and without it, the other information is incomplete.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

They are created of the same technologies that ran the mythically large cities of ancient Urnati. Today, these technologies are lost, and it is unlikely anyone, including Technologists can find a way to use them.

Manufacturing process

Unknown. The manufacture of Gepa Kubabo has been lost to time.


Stories are told that the Gepa Kubabo were designed and created as security devices to ensure that sensitive information could not be retrieved without proper access. The The Hollow Chits (Pokoki Esim) carry information, but without the Gepa Kubabo, much of that information is locked away and cannot be accessed.
Item type
Electronic / Cybernetic
Subtype / Model
Related Technologies
Related ethnicities
There may have been as many as 10, but it is believed they may have all been destroyed in The Cataclysm. Therefore, even if one is found damaged, it is highly sought after and will command a very high price.
< 1 oz.
2" x 3" x 1/16"
Base Price
Enen Finds dealers believe this is the holy grail of finds, and will pay a minimum of 20M gp.
Raw materials & Components
The Gepa Kubabo are reportedly made of a translucent material, much like the Pokoki Esim, but darker. If examined through a magnifier, it is said you will see ultra-thin filaments of what appears to be metal running through the material and criss-crossing throughout.
Smooth, rounded edges and a very thin profile. Multiples of these could easily fit in a shirt pocket and still be not thicker than a deck of cards.


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