It Powered The World. And Nearly Destroyed It


Material Characteristics

Antimatter is the matter composed of antiparticles of ordinary matter. It has an opposite charge and contact with ordinary matter results in the annihilation of both. This behavior allowed the use of matter-antimatter reactors in pre-Cataclysm Urnati.   By controlling the rate and amount of matter-antimatter contact, down to the atomic level, tiny power sources were created with immense power capability. Anti-matter collectors were designed and a new material Nullmatter, was used for containment vessels. This nullmatter did not react with antimatter as ordinary matter did, not did it react with ordinary matter. This was a vast improvement over the massive electromagnetic containment systems previously used.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Antimatter, when it contacts ordinary matter, causes a mutual destruction, with both particles being anniiated. So powerful is this reaction that one nanogram of antimatter (one billionth of a gram), results in an explosion with the force of aproximately 20% of a stick of dynamite. With the creation of nullmatter, antimatter became a viable source of energy for heat, electrical power, and more.

Origin & Source

Antimatter was once very difficult to create, using massive electromagnetic colliders that accelerated particles to cause the to collide, creating antimatter in the process. But this resulted in very short-lived anti-matter particles. A method to contain them became the next priority.   Nullmatter was the material that allowed the collection. As antimatter particles attract each other without annihilation, directing them to a containment vessle of nullmatter became easier as the number of particles accumulated. Later, the Urnati were able to miniaturize the process, making antimatter generators the size of a small room.

Life & Expiration

Antimatter lasts as long as matter, as long as the two do not come into contact with one another. Such contact results in instant annihilation. Such contact is believe to be the cause of an accident at the MZS - Muioqa Zimomel Sopom, which was located at the center of the Cataclysm Blast Site.
Elemental / Molecular
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