Amando Fazio (ah-MAHN-doh FAH-zee-oh)

Amando Fazio (a.k.a. The Lupine Lover)

Oh gods, a trip to Gara is worth all the trouble as long as I get to spend any time there with Amando
— Young woman enthralled with reknowned Lothario Amando Fazio

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Immaculate physical condition, resembling that of a bronzed god.

Body Features

Chiseled muscles, from head to toe. Larger than the average male. When changed, his musculature is covered with a luxurious thick flowing fur that glows in the sunlight. Also larger than the average male.

Facial Features

Square jawed with high cheekbones, clean shaven, unless he has changed. Even in his lupine form, his smile is engaging with gleaming pearly white teeth.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Amando was a beautiful baby. That should have been the first clue.   From the day he was born, he could steal hearts. Men, women, beasts... it didn't matter. He would charm them all with a cooing smile or giggle. And as he grew older, his power to charm only grew. By the time he was a teen, women wanted him, men envied him, and animals flocked to him. He even got attention from Kobolds, and we all know how they are.   Then came the day he first changed. Being a Nuvolycan, his ability to change comes on command or in response to strong emotion. In Amando's case, the emotion was, well, arousal. This poor young man with the looks of an Adonis suffered from the same thing most young men do - raging hormones. And this alone could trigger his change. When he did change, he became a glorious man-beast with flowing fur that floated in the wind. And his smile was even more engaging as a man-wolf. And his powers of attraction were massively amplified, something his teenage self couild not resist using.   But there is a danger for young Nuvolycans when they change. The act of changing can be debilitating. It saps a large amount of the life energy out of the individual. This nearly killed Amando more than once when he was younger. Fortunately, he had plenty of admirers to tend to him. Plenty.   As he grew older, and his hormones settled down, he became more able to control his changes, and take advantage of his "animal" magnetism. Such was his attraction that both male and females would vie for his attention. To the point of offering to make him a "kept man", with homes and clothing and riches. It was then that Amando decided what his career necessarily had to be. He moved to Pekubogo Monin, also known as Gara (which translates to Paradise). Gara was known as a place where "anything goes", which to Amando seemed perfect for his "talents".   Since his arrival, Amando has become the busiest, most sought after escort in Gara. Men, women, any gender identity, or species for that matter, seek out Amando when they visit Gara. Sometimes, more than four or five times a year. For weeks at a time. (They have lots of money).   Amando now lives like a king. He revels in the attention, often walking out onto the balcony of his villa wearing nothing but his fur and his...pride.  
Three days. That's how long we were together. Three days. I've never been so exhausted, or had so much pleasure, in my life.
— An orc patron, gender unknown.
All Images created BY Kahuna the Elder, with source materials from Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, Artbreeder and public domain sources.
Current Location
Presented Sex
Piercing crystal blue
Flowing light brown, almost blonde, shoulder length
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
When changed, luxurious soft fur. Unchanged, a deep bronze telling of his time in the sun.
245 lbs


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