Aca Fungal Steam


Aca Fungal Steam is a treatment in development for individuals who suffer from long-term effects of Purple Haize . It was discovered that certain fungi had mutated in the area near the Oswalt Mausoleum just outside of the Aca Forest, whose spores would speed the recovery from the fog-induced delirium and paranoia. In an almost accidental fashion, a researcher making tea from the fungi found that inhaling the vapors from that teas began to clear up the anxiety-based condition rapidly in most, but not all, patients.  


The brew was invented by Dr. Thorval Garson, a physician, and researcher at the Lawcrane Royal Infirmary. He specializes in fungal and spore-based diseases. The idea for this treatment came to him after having a few conversations with Fergus the Mad, a resident of the mental illness ward at the Infirmary of some repute. Fergus recounted tales that in his time lost in the valley, he sought something to eat, found the fungi, ate them as a last resort, and recalled having cleared his mind for a little while. Dr, Garson decided to try different methods to treat patients with the fungi, eventually falling upon the brew/steam method.  

Access & Availability

The spores are generally only found on the west side of the Aca Forest, where it meets the Oswalt Valley. They grow at the base of trees in the area, where they receive a little afternoon sun but are generally hidden. The fungi have a large bell-shaped cap and thick stems. To date, no one has been able to grow them for production. It is believed that their adaptation requires them to be exposed to the fog daily, and as yet, the fog has not been reproduced in controlled conditions.  


The treatment is actually quite simple. A brew of the entire fungal caps, including the spores, is prepared using hot water and the fungi. It is allowed to steep first, then the fungi are removed and the resulting brew heated to create steam.


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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
13 Jul, 2021 16:40

Making tea sounds like a very British treatment XD Though having to breath in the stem at all time doesn't sound very practical for people wanting to explore the area...

13 Jul, 2021 17:19

Who said these had to be practical!!!

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