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The planet of Urnati had a booming civilization with highly advanced technology. They had begun to make their way into the stars and had automated the most disgusting and difficult tasks. But their advances came at a price: dwindling resources.   They realized that they were depleting natural resources so quickly that they would never be able to sustain the current population, much less any growth. Relying on their technological skills, they made plans to seek out a new home, somewhere they could call a new home. And so, they began to search for candidate systems, and built a ship and propulsion system to take them there.   They sent ten scientists to determine the viability of the planet. They left, but never returned. A plan was made to look for them, and a new propulsion system designed.   Then came the Cataclysm. A blast of such immense proportion that the ground was scoured for hundreds of miles in each direction. Following the explosion was a 30-year-long winter that made it nearly impossible for the Urnati peoples to survive outside. Many of those who did suffered deformities and changes to their DNA. Others survived by going below ground.   When the winter ended, nearly 85% of all life was destroyed, and a large portion of those remaining were forever changed. Over time "Urnati" became "Arnathia", and the survivors began to rebuild.   It has been more than 4,500 years since the Cataclysm. Technology, as it existed, is long gone, and is seen by most as a cursed myth. They believe that technology caused the Cataclysm, and even speaking of it is taboo. There have been wars over territory and in the name of Gods. But 3,365 years after the Cataclysm, the Nine Nations of Arnathia came together at The Gathering to declare peace and sign an agreement to moderate any disputes. There has been a lasting peace ever since.   But 20 years ago, several streaks appeared in the sky. There have been rumors ever since of "offworlders", beings from another place in space, coming to Arnathia. Some believe it may be the gods coming to reckon with the blasphemous. Others believe that the "falling stars" are a sign of another apocalypse to come.   Since the appearance of those streaks, a dark presence has been growing on Arnathia. And the rumors of a powerful being hiding in the shadows continue to grow. Who, or what, is this being? And what does it hold for this world?
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