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Tílíâr the Lark of Summer

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What are passions if not the high times we enjoy life?
— Tílíâr the Lark of Summer

Theirs is the Summer

Tílíâr is a lark. They are the very first lark that appeared in the Savenian lands, long before the humans did. To all living liveforms they are best known as the Ruler of Summer; and the Deity of Summer in Cymru.  


In some parts of the Saveni, Cymru in particular, Summer Solstice is dedicated to Tílíâr.  

Patron of the Summer souls

Everyone who enjoys the fire-like nature of youth is sure to attract Tílíâr's attention but even then they will play favourites. The most interesting are the so-called Summer souls and Summernamed, since it is in their nature to pursue adventures, passions and excitement. For many, if not for most of people, the exaltation slowly burns away after passing adolescence.

Vengeful? Never! However...

Tílíâr is incapable of disliking anyone and hateful or vengeful surely have no place in their dictionary. If anyone feels pestered by the abundance of creativity or ideas, the Lark of Summer will leave when asked. Potential problems arise when people possess high afinity to fire but refuse to accept it and try to drown it internally. In such cases, although meaning no harm, Tílíâr can be a pain in the neck and will flood that person's mind with innumerous ideas or with a passion for a hobby that will surely become a way of life.
The lark flew over to the gloomy boy perched by the lake. Despite the warm summer sun he was trembling as if cold-stricken. "Soaked to the bone." His face looked pale, his eyes drowsy, dark and deep. Too deep.
A relaxing scent of blooming linden flowers slowly filled the air and made the boy feel uneasy. The shivers seemed to tone down a little. A lark perched on a neighbouring boulder; it was larger than usual and could easily match a small raven. The boy's eyes showed an immiscible mixture of fear and curiosity.
"You seem lost. What in the depths brought you here?"
"I... I lost... something, someone. I don't know. I don't remember what happened." He took a quick double breath, almost as if sulking. "Wh- Who are you?"
"Just a playful company; the one that likes to keep people's minds in sanity! Call me Tílíâr. Your old granny Llawenaid does." With the fragrance of linden flowers thickening, the air becomes heavier with sweetness; the boy's head feels so light the gentle wind lulls it like a blade of grass. He closes his eyes and feels the initial idea slowly budding into a flaming flower.
"What is it?" One by one the flaming petals join an aerial dance. Their light fades and explodes with brighness, each spark branching playfully and drawing a complex map in the boy's mind. The distraction diffused the edges of the internal shadows that cut deep into the boy's mind. He smiled. It was easier to smile now. For a moment his eyes took a brighter shade of blue. The shade still felt there but it wasn't painful anymore. If anything the diffused shape fed his curiosity and he wanted to remember what it was.
"C'mon! Let's break the happy news to your granny; of how you didn't drown in the middle of nowhere!"

Seen as ..., by...

Humans Animals Ædean beings
Deity Ruler Playful firebird

Personal goals

  1. To light the spark of curiosity.
  2. To spread the fire of positivity and high spirits.
  3. To feed creativity with innumerous ideas.


  • Ithrós, the Catfish of Winter
  • Svís, the Marmot of Spring
  • Àncéarmâr, the Stag of Autumn
  • Not always in their material robes

    Tílíâr is first and foremost an Ædean being, which means they are immaterial in nature. While the material incarnation as a Lark is their most recognizable form, their arrival is given away by several other non-visual phenomena: 1. the scent of linden flowers in full bloom 2. the feeling of excitement and playfulness

    Cover image: Ædean paths during the Bloom by PxHere (edit by Angantyr)


    Author's Notes

    To all biology nerds out there the name of the character (Tílíâr) may sound familiar. It's a play on the latin name of the small-leaved linden tree (Tilia cordata).

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