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Videria is somewhat independent from the rest of the Isaran governing system. The city is a contained theocracy, allowed to exist so long as they still comply with Isaran law.

Guilds and Factions

Much of Videria is constructed around worship. They are known for having some of the largest and most grandiose temples in all of Isarus, and have a place of worship for nearly every deity within the pantheon, no matter how minor.

Locations Within Videria


The Viridian District

  This area is largely unexplored  

The Coldsnap District


The Raven's Eyrie

  A large cemetery, watched over by a large, barren tree. A hollow in the trunk was once used as a raven's nest, and is now occupied by offerings to The Raven Queen.  

The Convent of Fate

  A temple and monastery dedicated to the god Savras. It has a wide spread of buildings over a gorgeous courtyard, colored in blues and greens with glass orbs catching the light of the sun, or the lanterns that are lit at night.   The most devout live in the monastery full time, practicing dance as a form of martial arts to better tune themselves with the path they are meant to take.  

The Equipoise Cross

  This area is largely unexplored
Location under
Owning Organization
Other Characters in Location
Head Priestess Damuzi
Rowan (formerly)
Orthina Rosewind (formerly)

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