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The Cat's Configuration

You approach a fairly ordinary building. Wooden frame, a planter wrapping its corners and along its side walls. A wooden sign advertises the shop's title, The Cat's Configuration. Atop this sign is a wooden tabby cat, grinning down at those who pass by on the street to invite them through the door. Behind the shop is a long tower, a staircase winding around its exterior with landings attached to doorways and windows. You are not certain if it is a particularly safe structure, but a permit taped on the inside of the shop's window assures you it is perfectly legal.    That same window gives the first glimpse into the shop, with a sill lined with crystals and glass bottles, all bright colors to draw the attention of those walking by. Taking a step inside, the temperature is comfortable and welcoming. Small globules of light bob over the ceiling, gently colliding and nudging each other away like lazy fireflies. Within the shop there is a spread of tables and shelves, glass displays and locked cabinets with windows to allow a glimpse inside. You see items of seemingly mundane design and those that are visibly, ostentatiously enchanted. Magical foci line the back wall behind the counter — staffs and rods and wands and crystals.    Sitting at the counter is an elven man, blue skin and white hair, dressed in fine dark clothes and a gold-trimmed cloak. He smiles to greet you, a far more welcoming sight than the shop's guard — a devilish figure in heavy armor, burgundy skin and dark red hair shaved into a loose mohawk. Her smile isn't threatening, but the weapon at her side is. She wields a flat club lined with obsidian spikes should you prove yourself troublesome.    Regardless, you are free to browse and the merchant is happy to answer any questions you may have.   Welcome to The Cat's Configuration.


The contents of this shop are variable. What is sold one day may not be in stock the next. The Cat's Configuration is best known for its sale of Wondrous Items. Potions and arcane foci are also consistent finds. Enchanted weaponry and armor are less common but make their way in and out of the store.   Faelyn is known to craft custom items as well. While he cannot fulfill every request, he offers a free consultation and estimate to potential commissioners.    Customers are recommended to ask for help when handling unfamiliar items. The Cat's Configuration is not liable for any effects, harmful or otherwise, dealt to a customer as a result of unsupervised handling of stock. We at the Cat's Configuration request that customers refrain from casting or activating magic items, and that all weapons remain sheathed or unloaded, while on the premises. The Cat's Configuration reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. 
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Faelyn Ar'aphine   Terestri   Dahlia

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