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Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Tamsin is quite tall, having half-firbolg heritage, standing close to 7ft. She appears to have albinism, having pale white skin and hair and pink eyes. Her horns are similar to a rams, and that alongside her curly hair and hooves gives her a sheep-like appearance.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Tamsin was raised by her two dads, one of whom is a firbolg and the other a sea elf. She has implied that her tiefling heritage comes from her elven father, as well as that this father is dead.   Tamsin first met the Seven Wonders during their trip to the Mandehanwei Rainforest, where she was assigned to keep them out of trouble. Later, they encountered again in Port Kahale when the party was seeking to charter a ship to the Isles of Faran Iqueia. As she had recently been hired aboard The Seabean, she offered to introduce the party to the captain if they were looking for work.   Tamsin accompanied the party through their journey to Faran Iqueia, and was hired aboard The Eighth Wonder when the party captured the ship.   Tamsin has a cousin in Silene, named Aimee.


Tamsin is a sailor. She was first hired aboard The Viceroy, but quit due to the unpleasant atmosphere. She was later hired aboard The Seabean as apart of a recommendation from a firbolg noble from Faran Iqueia. At current time, she is a crew member of The Eighth Wonder.

Mental Trauma

Tamsin lost one of her fathers at a young age. More recently, she grieved the Seven Wonders in the year before their resurrection.


Family Ties

  • Sea-elf cousin named Aímee in Silene
  • Sea-elf father (deceased)
  • Firbolg father in Port Kahale
  • Firbolg older half-sister named Catrióna


Tamsin is an excitable woman. She tends to speak quickly and get off topic, but always seems enthused about the subject at hand.   She is also a little clumsy, or at least doesn't pay attention to her surroundings, as she tends to trip when rushing from place to place.


Tamsin has a light Farian accent that becomes more prominent when she's excited. When nervous, she may draw out her words with a bleating sound. "Tha-a-at's not good."




Towards Tamsin





Towards Meyloni



Currently Boarded Vehicle
White, shoulder-length, curly
Skin Tone
Pale white

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