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(a.k.a. Lee)

Physical Description

Body Features

Lee is a skinny individual, with dark skin and long hair. They have black scales and yellow eyes.   One of their legs was amputated at some point, and they wear a rough prosthetic while within cities.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Leelloo was raised in the town of Gebna. Since Sacar does not subscribe to the nuclear family, they lived with their three parents, siblings, and niblings.   Within the last few years, their parents passed away, and Lee and their family moved to Malasuf, where Lee's service at the church and combined efforts of the siblings provided enough to support their family.   Lee spent the last several years there, seemingly content with their job until they caught wind of the corruption at the Boundary of Dawn. They decided to investigate the site, where they met The Seven Wonders. The eight of them narrowly escaped with their lives.   Since then, Lee continued to act as an ally to the Wonders — and a bit more, to Ish. They vouched for the Wonders to interrogate Demetrius in Malasuf's holding center, helped them escape said holding center the next morning, and has accompanied them on their journey across the desert in search of Aegis. Following this, they traveled to Isarus with the party, and have since been staying in the party's estate with Abasi.


Lee formerly worked at the Morninglord temple in Malasuf as a cleric, as well as a wandering cleric to help the outskirt settlements.

Mental Trauma

At some point in their life, they lost their left leg.

Morality & Philosophy

Lee appeals to be compelled by a strong moral compass, as they cited an inability to sit back and do nothing while they knew about corruption in Sacar.
Current Location
Golden irises, slit pupils
Medium-length, black braids
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark brown, black scales

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