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Veteran Conductor

Readjusting after the War has not been easy. Getting this job on the lightning rail was the best thing that could have happened to you.  

What you know

  • You’ve known Egan Bakker since before the War ended.
  • He knows things about you that he enjoys holding over your head, blackmailing you so you do him favours whenever you’re in Sharn.
  • You even let him bring that stupid pistol onto the train and he’s been flaunting it.  

    Who you know

  • You’ve seen The Loyal Retainer (Marc) hanging around Bakker, doing his bidding too.
  • You’ve met The Spouse, they were a solider too, and you like them better than Bakker.
  • You are aware of Bakker’s warforged bodyguard, Blue Shield, in the cargo hold.  

    At the time of the murder

  • You were doing your last patrol of the train and had locked up the galley.
  • You saw Bakker slumped over a table.
  • You went back to the staff quarters and slept before finding him dead just before dawn the next day.  

    The player must decide

  • How affected by the War are you?
  • What does Egan Bakker know about you?
  • What evidence of the blackmail might exist?  

    Items in your cabin

  • Wand of Magic Detection.
  • Keys for Engine and Cargo Cars.
  • Schema of the train.  

    If the Conductor is the murderer

    Egan Bakker was a bastard. He cheated people. He was a terrible husband and it looked like an even worse father. He never had any intention of letting you live in peace.   Then he got so drunk he passed out right in front of you. That stupid gun was right there on his hip.  

    What might get you caught

  • You searched each of the passengers when they arrived for weapons. You let Bakker take the pistol on board.
  • You were the last one to bed that night and the first one up in the morning to “find” the body.
  • The Spouse and the Loyal Retainer (Marc) know that Bakker was blackmailing you.
  • Your bloodstained shirt is in your room in the staff quarters. where the passengers are not allowed access but enforcing this rule might make you look suspicious.  

    A second murder

    You won’t kill again unless you are attacked outright.

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