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[One Shot] Murder on the Eberron Express

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Murder on the Eberron Express is a character driven murder mystery, confined on a moving lightning rail, where the murderer can be anyone.   This a one-shot for level 6 characters that mixes the fun of a game of Clue with all the variety of Dungeons & Dragons.   Egan Bakker is a foundling from House Cannith, one of Khorvaire’s powerful Dragonmarked Houses, trying to make his way into their good graces. Bakker is an artificer on his way from Sharn to Fairhaven with his family and a suspicious collection of others. On the final day of travel, Bakker is shot and killed with newly invented firearm. The characters must solve the murder before they get to Fairhaven or the killer might escape, and they might be blamed by the Fairhaven guard.   Not to mention the fact that the murderer must be one of them...

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