Lantern Light

"Sure, I've got Lanterns. Yeah, plural. What's your poison? Flamming? Extinguised? Seawater? You've never heard of these? Then, you know what you've got to do, right? Of course, try them all! Pay up front of course."                                                                                                                                                                             ~ S'hone, barkeep in Sestia
  Lantern is a drink that can be made by almost any barkeep, however it lends itself well to having each adding a twist to it that's not expected. S'hone adds lime to the pineapple/lemon drink, Gliret adds a slice of pineapple, and last heard, Cela isn't allowed to try adding any more magic to her brew (the last person to drink her connection was used as a lure for underwater creatures, they were glowing that brightly and for that long).

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The drink is made with fermented pineapple and a base liqueur, usually the colorless and flavorless crystal water that has been brought into the country by the colder regions. With that at the base, pour in the lemon juice, then finish it with a double pouring of pineapple. Either add magic or crack open a light orb to add the illuminated effect. The drink should look quite solid, not a pale yellow.


Lantern Light is a cocktail that is made by mixing fermented pineapple juice with lemon, and then illuminating the whole drink with magic. The magic will make the drinker glow slightly until the drink passes from their system. This drink is normally given cold.  

  • Hung Lantern: Given to the drinker cold (either by spell or ice) and social expectations are that the drinker eats the garnishes last after downing the cup.
  • Flaming Lantern: Served to the drinker hot (heat) and laced with fireseed oil to make the drink taste heated as well.
  • Extinguished Lantern: No magic added.
  • Seawater Lantern: Blue fruits are used to make it the color of the ocean.

Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Uncommon drink due to the fact that it can be expensive depending on the quality of the alcohol used., It tends to hit drinkers hard, so while there are those who enjoy it for that, many other beings are looking to get that drunk that fast.
Depends on glass served in
Base Price
5 coin


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