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2990 - 248


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In 2742CE the Han Empire fell. After a continuous trade war from their former colonies in Feizh and Dongouzh (or Africa and Eastern Europe respectively as they were and now again are known). Having been deprived of clean water and workforce for at least 200 years and producing under zombie-like AIs controlling machinery, the last few remaining human towns revolted. The AIs in Beijing and Shanghai fell by the impoverished plunging half of Asia in a blackout the likes of which had not ever been seen since the invention of electrical power grids.   248 years later, Afriq thrives as a confederation of more than 3000 small ethnic territories that are organised under 19 Grand Councils bearing the names of the most recent historical studies that were kept unchanged from the AIs that homogenised the objects of their oppression.   Europa is mostly a place where local warlords mount guerilla attacks against the old fascistic regimes that cling onto power feeding off of the work of slaves in massive cultures of genetically modified crops and Amerika has seen its gap between the haves and the have-nots grow even more.   In its northern part, the old US and Canada, it has been turned mostly into a wasteland, a desert ranging from the East Coast to the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains, a Dust Bowl looking more like a baking pan. Only a few oases of moisture of old Amerikan civilisation exist around along the East Coast, and what's left of the Great Glacial Sea of the old lakes. The southeastern swamplands are filled with vibrant towns of the old Latinex living off of their fishing and farming, while the West Coast is covered by the ravaging forest descending from the mountains. The flora has consumed the old technocratic civilisation and its buildings stand as desecrated shrines under skies of green fumes and lightning.   In stark contrast, South Amerika has flourished. The AIs managed to save Amazonia and the Andis Range having recognised that without preserving at least that ecosystem and Siberyan taigas and tundras, the Earth's climate would make all natural resources inaccessible. Even wind would change so drastically that they would not have the time to adapt so as to harness its energies. Now Samerika as they call it, is populated by ethnic groups with clear mandates as to how to treat the land and how to handle their production in reference to their material needs. While not centralised, energy and resource consumption is so well distributed and managed that there has arisen no need for formal governance aside from a few bands of territory policing and "institutions of solitude" as the structures for those wanting to be removed from society are called.   Traces of history are scarce. How do we save Europa's people? Have the AIs no rights after preserving the world for the humans to make their comeback or are they utterly to be abused and/or destroyed for their oppression? What are these rumours about forest blood cults from the south of Yukon down to California and how happy or integrated are Samerikans if their "IoS's'' ('ee-oss-eez) are filled to the brim with the seemingly-mad?   This is a world that has cut off itself from the terrors and hopes of today. There might be no hope in space, we don't know for sure. At least, there is certainly no death in the weather. It should count for something, right? Yet human strife never ends. It is your turn to be content. The means and methods are yours to find out how.