2948 AD (Fate: To the Stars)

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Humanity has stepped out of it's cradle and into the void.   As regards the record of 2948 AD we have developed Warp drive, terraforming, advanced cybernetics, and yes... even brains in a jar... and yet human nature still dictates all our aspiration, leading to conflict and strife.   Space formed our bodies, reformed us, forged us, but we had to understand just how special our home system was for allowing for us to evolve.   The colonized space encompasses the 50 Light Years around our home sun, billions of miles and yet, although we found alien life, none of it proofed complex enough to develop self consciousness.   Yet.   However there are hints of something ancient, ruins on alien planets, and rumours of strange ships showing up at the rim systems...   And there are the minds we created....   2948AD aims to be a classic Space Sci Fi Background, with starships, scoundrels, blasters and shields at 55Percent... But also AI, Hints of transhumanism, and a healthy dose of cyberpunk, refined with a touch of space Western.   Sort of like a little more grounded Traveller