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The Water Element

Water is one of the two Great Elements connected to the (M)otherworld (the other one is the Earth) through the Spiral Path. It covers 50% of the (M)otherworld, while the other 50% is covered by Earth. At the very deep center of the planet resides the spiritual core that keeps the two parts in balance and from where the Daughters of the (M)otherworld travel along the Spiral Paths. The two Great Elements are a kept in stable equilibrium by the Spiral Paths of (M)otherworld and by the two Twin Satellites that orbit around them and create an electromagnetic field that makes gravity and the succession of the two seasons possible. Water is completely liquid, except for the seabed where there are caves, sand, mountains and valleys (while on Earth it is possible to find lakes, rivers and glaciers). It's inhabitants are mostly fish-like creatures of many different species. Among them the Persekan and the Ohanou are the only two human cultures present in the Element. The Caverns of Xany are the deepest place of Water and there the Elorida flowers, the Bringers of Separation, grow protected by their invisible supernatural guardians. Other noteworthy places are the Blue Pit, where the Ultarië gather at the Time of Births; the Plain of Light, where the Ohanou rites of passage take place; and the Vastness, the darkest and most mysterious site of the ocean, where the monsters protagonists of myths and legends hide. Water is also the home of the Iluvynär, ancient beings who are said to be the ones from whom all the life on (M)otherworld originated. Similar to large luminescent purplish jellyfish, according to legends they arrived on (M)otherworld at the beginning of time, giving birth to all marine creatures, some of which, in the Cycles, crawled on the shores of Earth and evolved into beings without gills.
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