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At the center of a valley rich in red algae (very famous for their use in cooking) that opens at the foot of the Border mountain range, in the Great Element Water, rises the city of Moorawe, the oldest settlement of the Ohanou people. Moorawe is the beating heart of Ohanou culture. Its high buildings made of seashells and Ultarië's bones house the most important governmental and religious centers along with the Submerged Market, the large commercial center where food and products are traded and exported to Earth and beyond the Border. It is not known exactly when the city was founded, perhaps around 500 AI. According to the legends, the Ohanou crossed the Border in search of fertile waters, after the eruption of an underwater volcano caused a period of famine and consequent tensions with the Persekans. In the Fruitful Valley they found plenty of nourishment, as well as vast colonies of mussels used both for the production of the famous black pearls and for their medicinal uses. Moorawe is famous throughout (M)otherworld for its extraordinary spiral architecture, which harks back to the structure of spiraling shells, and the colorful wall decorations made using seaweed, sponges and pearls, which create a natural and fairytale effect. The economy of the city (circular and collaborative) is centered on the collection, processing and trading of the En'awee, the black pearls, and the production of medicinal globules extracted from the large mussels of the seabed, the Ahuna. For this reason in Moorawe there are three of (M)otherworld's oldest Circles of Knowledge: the Circle of Merchants and the Circle of Healers, which manage both the politics and trade of the Ohanou culture, and the Circle of Gatherers, specialized in the searching and harvesting of mussels. Religion, on the other hand, is organized by the Oracles. The city is connected both to the territory beyond the Border and to the mainland by vehicles pulled by the Eponikas, a species of large seahorses. These vehicles, the Wa'hani (Life Eggs) in ohanou'ee, built by the Circle of Engineers of Xananda, on Earth, have special filters that extract oxygen from the water like gills, thus allowing non-marine passengers to breathe during the voyage (the same technology is used for personal diving suits used to move around the city).
Founding Date
ca. 500 AI
Large city
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under

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24 Jul, 2022 08:38

I love these ideas so much! I want to know more about the Submerged Market especially.

Master Arianrhod SilverWheel
Arianrhod SilverWheel
24 Jul, 2022 14:30

Thank you so much! I'm going to develop this one soon.