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Brennary the Geologist

That of the Explorers is the oldest Circle of Knowledge of (M)otherworld, located on the shallow water of the island of Nebara. Founded around 1000 AI, to cope with the imbalance of the planet's electromagnetic field caused by the change of orbit of the Twin Satellites, it gathers scientists, healers, historians, archaeologists, writers and other scholars from all over Water and Earth. The founders of the Circle of Explorers were Ha'wanee, Supreme Herbalist of the Ohanou people, Water, and Djarru, First Astronomer of the Hergal people, Earth. The two, together with many other researchers, in the cycles to come gave birth to research activities in every field of science and knowledge, which gave a strong push to the technological progress of (M)otherworld. Famous is the discovery of the Sphere of Fire and Air by the Healer Fairellë, part of a group of researchers of the Circle. Among the most famous explorers was Brennary, a geologist of the Vrakülei people and discoverer of the Triskēloridas, the mineral without gravity that revolutionized the transport system on Earth. Brennary set off with a small group of other scientists to explore the great Black Caves that opened into a chasm in the ground near Lake Ardea. While exploring the maze of passages carved by the river in ancient times in search of new varieties of minerals and crystals, inside a large underground lake Brennary and his group faced an exceptional phenomenon: a huge black rock was floating just above the water surface. The first examinations on the spot established that it was composed of a sort of iron ore, probably of meteoric origin, which was not influenced by gravity. That important discovery resonated across the planet, and Brennary and his exploration group received prizes, awards and honors. Subsequent searches led to the discovery of two more underground basins in which other agglomerations of Triskēloridas, so named after the three underground lakes in which it was discovered, the Triskëly Lakes.

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