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A smaller plane than most, this material plane was discovered by accident through a rift between planes and has since been colonized by the denizens of the Prime Material Plane.   Races of all sorts can be found here, although, for those that have lived here for generations, various adaptions have occurred. Some of these changes are purely visual, while some effect their physical abilities and characteristics.   Throughout the plane, other rifts can be found. Some are small and quite benign. Some are massive and effect the land, weather, and/or creatures around them drastically.   On this plane the weave is more tangible, sometimes nearly corporeal, sometimes nearly sentient. Wild magic surges more often, especially near rifts.   The gods are disconnected from this place, with no ability to see or interact with it. Divine power comes from the land and creatures and weather patterns and is greatly influenced by personal belief.    In the last few years, those that have been paying attention say the rifts and the magic around them is changing, becoming more unstable. They say there is a pattern to it that seems to be increasing in frequency.