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2099: Europea


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A world in chaos, ruined by the climate and the following rebellions and raids. People joined together in so-called Mega-cities, enormous conglomerations, each with their own distinct vision.   There are currently 4 of these Mega-cities known, at least in what used to be Western Europe, what is now called Europea:   -New Eden: city of pure capitalism   -The Holy Project: city of God in all its forms   -Technologica: city of all that is tech   -Nature's Refuge: city of Nature   Then you have the Wastelands, also called the Lost Lands, the lands between the Mega-cities.   In the Lost Lands, a group called The Horde roams around, using everything that they can re-purpose, from ruins to bodies...   There are sure to be other Mega-cities in other places, but these are the ones known to the people of Europea.