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The Zurich Summit convened in 2098 as a last ditch attempt to avert nuclear war. The state of the world has been worsening. With rising tensions between countries, and irrational decisions, even the closest of allies have turned their backs on each other, providing temporary support at best and turning into bitter enemies at worst. With promises fickle and nuclear weapons abound, a wrongly uttered word may mean a war that ends humanity. Even in this hostile environment, cooperation is scarce and individual gains are taking centre stage. Resources are running out, war is only a button away and peace seems a distant dream. This Summit may be the only chance for the world to unite, and for humanity to succeed. It may also be the only chance for some countries to gain the upper hand over their enemies and win the international game of chess that has been plaguing the world for decades now.   Will the nations cooperate? Will they betray each other? Will long lasting friendships be made? It must be remembered, a well timed stab in the back is worth any long standing alliance.