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Complete list of historic Fengati eras

Ktona : before 12225, 1st of march

The Kton era ends with the Empire's foundation.

Duurga : 1/3/12225 - 14/1/12264

The Duurg era ends with Zan's death. At its end starts Aarman I's reign.

Tavbat : 14/1/12264 - 25/4/12452

The Tavbat era ends when empress Waankpat I reforms the constitution. She is murdered using a dhaezem handpan three days later. After this event, reign names stopped corresponding to the leader's ethnicity and is currently chosen by the new empress/emperor and corresponds to their political affiliations.

Nabiztleli : 25/4/12452 - 13/11/12801

The Nabiztlel era ends with Kzozrav Tangri Bvarzot┼čl's invention of molecular forging, and molecular blades.

Alabarnhaaknu : 13/11/12801 - 6/4/13076

The Alabarnhaaknu era ends when the empire of Gaw-Khang (current Phay-Pang) sends two men on the Moon. They land on the 6th of april.

Beytuk : 6/4/13076 - 1/3/13368

The Beytuk era ends when the first Kozmotlatowan is crowned. They are Zuydana XXIV.

Neypun : 1/3/13368 - 20/2/13572

The Neypun era ends after the first Sayari War of Independance.

Neyji : 20/2/13572 - ...

The Neyji era is the current era.

This list is official. All emperor lists on WorldAnvil will each correspond to one era.

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