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Tree skirmish

It was a peaceful summer day when Golgir set off to do his work for the day. But much to his surprise and that of his fellow loggers this time the trees hit back!  

Golgir's end

When the axe first hit the tree, the awakened tree felt pain like they had never felt before. Without thought, they smacked the being that had made such a wound on it, and send it flying across the forest, until it impacted on another tree.

Golgir is dead!
— Luke, Golgir's wife and fellow logger

What followed was absolute chaos. Some of the loggers jumped into action and started attacking the tree, while others started moving Golgir's body outside of the forest.

Who awakened the trees!?

A sprite in need was lovingly accommodated in the grove of trees a couple of weeks before the incident. As a reward, the sprite decided to do something nice for the trees once they were feeling better.   Over the next few days, the sprite started awakening the trees that had helped them, and then, set off to continue their journey. Did they know, or care, about the consequence of their actions? Who knows...

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Wise and unwise decisions were made...

A matter for the druids

After some casualties on both the trees and the loggers' side, both side retreated: the awakened trees further into the forest, the people into their village. Upon hearing the tales of what happened, the village leader realized that this was not something they could help with.  
We must call for the Lodge! This is no matter that we can deal with. We need someone who can talk the ways of nature, and understand them. This is a matter of the forest, and the druids of the lodge will surely want to avoid further bloodshed.
— Demuli, the village's leader

Demuli's disposition

Demuli set off with two people to help her in her travels into the lake where the Lodge druids were known to spend a lot of time. After discussion with the druids, Demuli sent her assistants back to the village, for the Lodge insisted she had to go speak with the harmed trees herself.  
Now I remember why we never talk to The Lodge.   These otter loving, water frolicking, tree-hugging druids are out of their minds. I have to apologize to the trees!? Either way... I'll do it as long as those damn walking trees stay out of our forest!   Demuli's inner thoughts


The lost village leader

But Demuli never came back from her visit to The Lodge. The druids negated all responsibility in the matter and said they did not know where Demuli was. They insisted they kept their part of their deal, as evidenced by the lack of walking trees in the forest. They left Demuli with the other trees if she did not want to come back... who were they to force her to return to the village? The truth behind Demuli's disappearance
Demuli could not keep it together and was utterly rude to the druids. The Lodge conversed with the awakened trees and they all agreed Demuli needed some time out.   Thus, they transformed Demuli into a tree, so that she may grow to understand the ways of the forest. Once she does, The Lodge will transform her back and send her on her way to the village.

Cover image: by Images: Lilian Dibbern & Cale Benefield (Unsplash), modified by Theiket


Author's Notes

Summer camp ice-cream
The original version of this article was created as an entry for World Anvil's flagship Summer Camp 2020 event, specifically for prompt #33:
"Describe the events of a conflict that started due to unusual or unforseen circumstances."
  You can view my other entries from the competition here.

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Grandmaster Rynn19
Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)
3 Aug, 2020 06:57

Uh oh, lets hope for Demuli's sake she learns the ways of the forest sooner than later. This was a wonderful story to read. If the sprite had known where this would end they might have thought twice before waking up the trees.

3 Aug, 2020 09:35

Thank you!   As a side note, sprites are quite chaotic creatures. Knowing the shenanigans that transpired, they may very well enjoy their past actions even more :P

Grandmaster Serukis
Emily Vair-Turnbull
3 Aug, 2020 13:49

Heh, Demuli needs a lesson in humility, I see.   Really interesting story. I keep thinking about the thoughts of that poor tree, being a bit confused about their awakening and then getting whacked with an axe!

Emy x