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The Oracle

Many lives ago, The Oracle was a tengu, who ended up in the Godless Realm by accident while trying to escape the elven persecution. But they did not last long in this new plane... When they next came to life, they looked more akin to a crow, than a tengu. But in that shape, they learned the ways of the fey... Now, after many lives, they are more attuned to the realm's whims than many of its native inhabitants.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The Oracle is reaching the end of this lifespan once more; they are slow and weak. Newcomers may mistake their ramblings for senility, but any citizen of Pindrop will quickly assure them The Oracle has always been like that.

Physical quirks

Their eyes blink a lot, and often several of them will close while they are resting. However, their eyes are never all closed at the same time.

Special abilities

They are a level 15 oracle, devoted to no god, but rather, the plane itself. They do not question their abilities, for they have afforded them so much.   Many lives ago, when they did not know yet how the plane worked, they were blind and had to rely on their other senses to learn more about the realm. And now the realm has gifted them with many eyes that allow them to see all that is necessary.
The newcomers will bring chaos in their attempts of order. The Realm will show them.
— The Oracle, when sensing the PCs entering into the Godless Realm

Their real name is long forgotten,
or no one cares to remember.
Too many

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Intriguing sentences for roleplaying

  • "The world is colourless; time is a constraint."
  • "Old feathers burn brightly."
  • "No promise is given, only consciousnesses are taken."
  • "The fur of a tengu is not so different from the feathers of a grippli."


For several lives, their shape was crow-like, and often, they died at the hand of animals that thought they would make a tasty meal.   They have retained a disdain for anything that hunts or eats medium-sized birds, such as felines, and that dislike is somewhat still present against catfolk.

Of visions, and divinations

The Oracle gets visions in their sleep. Most of the time, they are obscure and hard to interpret, and they must spend a long time deciphering their meaning and pondering over it.
However, that is not the only tool The Oracle uses for peering into the unknown and what could be. The Oracle has a set of quills, which they throw onto a divination mat after a question has been asked to which they do not know the answer already. They interpret the pattern of the quills that used to form part of their feathers, which are, in the end, just part of the plane itself as much as anything else.

Cover image: by Pronoy Dutta


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1 Dec, 2020 21:38

Poor birb, I do care about ya name T.T And yes, too many eyes XD

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Love to code, but this one is driving me crazy!
22 Dec, 2020 21:22

You care about their name? They have an eye on you now...

22 Dec, 2020 23:10

Now I'm a bit scared but also too curious...

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Love to code, but this one is driving me crazy!
Sage Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
2 Dec, 2020 22:56

'Eyes: too many' made me laugh. I love the idea of the Oracle having many lives. I assume they will be born once again once they pass on in this life?

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
22 Dec, 2020 21:22

Presumably, though nothing is ever certain in the fey plane.

2 Dec, 2020 23:10

I'd like to counter argue with "Eyes: never enough". But really, love the sound of that lil crow! 10/10 would seek out to ask them a question.

sending good vibes <3 - Author of Interarcanum and Shakiraverse
22 Dec, 2020 21:23

What would you ask them...?

23 Dec, 2020 22:30

Hmmm. I myself would probably ask where I could find someone to have a good conversation with. As an adventurer, I would probably ask where I could find a big treasure. As me again, but with an existential crisis, probably what my purpose in life ought to be.. (oh and how do I get as many eyes as them??)   How about you, what would you ask them?

sending good vibes <3 - Author of Interarcanum and Shakiraverse
27 Dec, 2020 11:16

Tough question, seeing I'm the GM who made the character xD   Myself, I'd probably ask them how to maximise my chances at getting a job/which job I should apply to, or something like that...

24 Dec, 2020 04:59

Am officially spooked by the eyes O.o But really, what a cool character. Classic diviner tale with a twist of reincarnation.


"I am become destroyer creator of worlds!"
27 Dec, 2020 11:17

Thanks! I hope my players enjoy their time with The Oracle :)