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The Lion's Share

The Lion's Share was established by Fin'i after receiving a large and unexpected inheritance. He decided to establish a charity shop, where things are sold either at their manufacturing cost or even at less, depending on the need of the person. During the plague, he was able to help a lot of people, but eventually, he run out of funds and the shop had to close down.
Male centaur
by Victorgurr
A male centaur, with a large mane, poses with a spear and a shield.
Fin'i's father was a centaur of strong traditions: he took care of the extended family's wellbeing. He was also a follower of Bastet, and believed that centaurs had been made from the noblest of animals, lions, and the noblest of humanoids, catfolks. Inevitably, this belief led him, and many others, to believe that centaurs were superior to catfolks. Lions ruled the savannah, and centaurs ruled over the cities. They were meant to get the lion's share of power and money.   By the end of his teenage years, Fin'i had a very different outlook on life, however. He moved out of Bastelia'hu and established himself in Marro. There he worked as a blacksmith for a few years, and eventually, became the city guard's blacksmith.   Fin'i never spoke again with his father, so he was very surprised when he received a large coffer full of gold ingots and pounds of expensive spices.
Marro, Friac'seoue
Establishment type
Charity shop
Commonly sold items
rice, beans, animal furs, simple tools

The story behind a name
Fin'i was not always called that. He used to have a name more akin to Bastelia'hu's traditions, signalling him as a member of his clan, and more importantly, a centaur.   The day he left home, he started looking for a new name. A helpful vanara he travelled with part of the way told him the story of a nice fella he once met by the name of Fin'i.   Upon reflecting, he realized he would love to be like this Fin'i: a helpful and amicable person others could rely on, so he chose that name for himself.   When the time came to name the store, he could not help to include a little play on words, but also, as a testament to his father, who, although late, may have realized the errors on his ways.

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What Fin'i? The blacksmith Fin'i? He got how much money!? And he's doing what with it!? What a sweetheart...
— Makees, a local gossip

Cover image: by MGatta


Author's Notes

Picture taken by the author, MGatta.

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