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Ember leshy

Most outsiders think that the plane of fire is the most inhospitable place possible. The existence of plants or natural beings seems alien to most at first, but in reality, the plane of fire has a diversity of flora (and ecosystems!). In this volume, I will provide a brief overview of the different ecosystems found in the plane of fire, the flora found in each of them, and entities inextricably linked to the plane of fire's natural wonders.
— Triasfirkah, an azer druid
Introduction of the book The natural wonders of the plane of fire

Chapeter 3: Plane of fire creatures

Ember leshies


As one of the few creatures in the plane of fire able to traverse the shadow fire, the ember leshies are able to take care of any plant in the plane of fire, thanks to their fire immunity and absence of cold vulnerability.


It is unclear how the fire leshies first came into existence. Some scholars believe that the practice was brought on from outsiders from the material plane. Others believe ember leshies are not leshies at all, but rather a creature that hosts the spirits of fire inside of them. I am not sure either way, but I lean towards the first theory, seeing how it's mostly druids who create a body for these creatures to inhabit, and druids who call forth the spirits into these small, molten bodies.


Ember leshies are normally found in the uninhabited portions of the plane of fire, although a few people have managed to convince some ember leshies to come into the cities to manage brass orchid gardens. Wherever they are found, they are typically quite protective of their area, and will try to convince intruders to leave. It is unclear how ember leshies decide whether one is intruding in their territory, but if you find yourself being asked to leave, you better listen to them.


Whenever a fire leshy uses one of its cold attacks, its molten body hardens on the outside creating slag. It takes 31 days for the slag scar to start disappearing and even longer for the slag to fall from their body. An ember leshy who becomes fully covered by slag dies.

A brass orchid garden

The brass orchid garden in Zjarra city is tended by not one, but two ember leshies! Rumours say that the owner convinced the ember leshies that if these orchids were to be grown here, fewer people would be going to the natural areas to harvest them there.
Normally, brass orchids may take years to become pollinated, their flowers perpetually open waiting for the right moment. Their pollinators are rare blue fire salamanders, whose mating habits are bizarre and currently, poorly understood.
Ember leshies, however, are capable of pollinating brass orchids by hand, using one pollen sac for pollinating several flowers, and the other pollen sacs are harvested and stored, as they can be used to imbue weapons and armour with magical properties.

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CR 6

Ember leshy

N Small Plant, (leshy, shapechanger, extraplanar)
Initiative: +6 Senses: darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +12

A body of molten metal, perpetually flowing, adorned with slag shaped like leaves.


AC: 19, touch 14, flat-footed 16 (+2 Dex, +5 natural, +1 size, +1 dodge)
HP: 76 9d8+36
Fortitude: 10 Reflex: 5 Will: 7
Immune: Fire Aura: searing body


Speed: 30 ft.
Melee: 2 slam +8 (1d4+2)
Special Attacks: cooling touch
Spell-like Abilities: Constant— pass without trace (CL 18th; concentration +22)).


Str 14, Dex 15, Con 18, Int 14, Wis 18, Cha 12
Feats: Dodge (Combat), Improved Initiative, Intimidating prowess, Planar survivor, Skill Focus (survival)
Skills: Diplomacy +3, Disguise +3, Intimidate 5, Knowledge (local) 6, Knowledge (nature) 7, Knowledge (planes) 7, Perception 12, Profession (jeweller) 5, Sense motive 6, Stealth 8, Survival 12
Languages: Ignan, Druidic, plantspeech (plane of fire plants)
SQ: change shape (Brass orchid; tree shape), verdant burst


Environment: any (Plane of Fire)
Organization: Solitary, coin (2-6), boule (7-9), or ingot (9-13)
Treasure: standard

Cooling touch A leshy can command its appendages to cool down and release icy cold that deals an extra 1d6 points of cold damage on a successful hit.   Searing Body (Su) All creatures within 15 feet of an ember leshy take 1d12 points of fire damage each round on the ember leshy's turn, unless the ember leshy uses its cooling touch on that round.  

A small plant-like humanoid made of, seemingly, molten metal, who sometimes have a dark crusty exterior, slag. They grow brass orchids on their body, although only the healthiest individuals manage to make their flowers grow. An ember leshy which has to constantly protect itself or its habitat by using its cooling touch is unlikely to be able to flower.   They often create jewellery from fallen leaves or petals gathered from the flora of the plane of fire. They have a predilection for those in the golden hue, often using actual gold for the chain or to keep the different pieces together.   Most likely unknown to their peers on the material plane, ember leshies are respected (or feared) protectors of the wonderful natural environments in the plane of fire. Often allied with the druids that created them to protect an area, ember leshies are capable to hold their own against a lot more powerful denizens of the plane of fire thanks to their ability to inflict cold damage, a common vulnerability amongst the inhabitants of the plane of fire.   However, ember leshies prefer not to have to resort to violence. They are smart and insightful creatures and are willing to parlay with any creature who is willing to listen to reason. Moreover, if visitors prove to be harmless, ember leshies are keen on trading items, stories, and knowledge.   A typical ember leshy stands 3 feet tall, and weighs 130 pounds.


Cover image: by Stefan Keller


Author's Notes

The original version of this article was created as an entry for World Anvil's flash challenge "Flowers Bloom".   The cover image was sourced from unsplash.

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