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The Oasis

  • 8 important/prominent buildings/locations
      • College of Archeological Magics (CAM) [patron God is Satriminimartas]
      • The Sultan's Palace
      • Temple of Solos
      • Garden of Eepum Naj
      • Prosperity Street
      • Eepum's Jewel Inn
      • Locust's Hideout (Cultists of Venkis)
      • The Greyward (Miners public house underground)

  • 8 important people in the city
      • (Mad) Mage Rigan Thol, Professor of Ancient Magical Pottery
      • CAM Headmaester Gilden Weren
      • Sultan Shartus the Seventeenth
      • Zara Kader, the proud owner of Eepum's Jewel Inn
      • Omar Jaziri, adventurer, explorer, and archeologist extraordinaire!
      • Helga Greyward, Last of the Greyward Family
      • The Exalted Supreme Pontiff of Blades
      • Sio, the Baron of the Bazar


    Ruled by the Lizardfolk Sultan.


    "THE BUBBLE": Ancient Djinn magic used by the CAM Mages in response to the Sand Dragon attack. THE SULTAN'S DJINN: The silent guards of the oasis, they maintain the loose law of the city and always are on the lookout for the servants of Venkis.

    Industry & Trade

    Magical sand stones. Water. Ancient Djinn Artifacts. Mining Rare Metals. Special plants from Garden of Eepum Naj.

    Guilds and Factions

    BOTHGAR'S MINING ALLIANCE (Dwarven guild of miners and merchants, named for Bothgar Greyward)   BLADES OF SOLOS (fighters guild which came to be in response to a rare sand dragon attack.)   COOKS AND CRAFTERS COALITION (Guild of chefs, tinkerers, and smiths with HQ near the college.)    COLLEGE OF ARCHEOLOGICAL MAGICS (Mage and scholars guild Nicknamed CAM)


    A nature deity, Eepum Naj, was killed here by Venkis, the evil god of ruin and decay. Over millennia, plants and animals evolved from the spring and the garden which were created from Naj's body and soul. This is how the oasis grew. The Lizard people were birthed and evolved here. For many years it was a secluded haven for the lizard people, but eventually it was discovered. The discoverers dug into the sands in search of treasure and accidentally released some of Venkis which began to corrupt the lizard folk and the adventurers. Those who fell to the corruption became the Effreet, Dou, and Rakshasa, evil spirits who serve Venkis. The more powerful lizardfolk drove these creatures out into the desert and sealed the corruption. The surviving adventurers brought their stories to the rest of the world and soon people from all over came to the oasis looking for magic artifacts from the underground ruins and the rare spices from the Garden of Eepum Naj. Now, the Oasis has became a waypoint for travellers and merchants crossing the desert, and an interest for adventurers and scholars of all kinds.


    Adobe, and sandstone structures. Arches, etc.

    Natural Resources

    Farming (rare plants) underground where water springs up from the deep earth. Rare metals in the sandstone deep under the desert.
    Alternative Name(s)
    Sactuary of Eepum, Gem of the Najetep, Venkeesis
    Large city
    Inhabitant Demonym
    Characters in Location

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