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Sultan Shartus the Seventeenth

Ancient, calm, and wise, the Sultan rules The Oasis carefully and with intention. Sultan Shartus' word is especially important to the lizard folk, though it commands weight to any denizen of the city. Those who don't revere him at least trust him or fear him, and obey nonetheless. He alone commands the Djinn army which surveil the city, but even without them he is a powerful cleric in his own right. He has seen his fair share of battle and tangled with the fiercest by outsmarting and outwitting. He creates elaborate schemes, always seeming to be several steps ahead of anyone else. Perhaps this is why he is unmatched in the royal game of Gurss; legend holds he will make a personal advisor of anyone who bests him. This legend is probably false. If someone beat him he would probably hide it, the Sultan hates to lose at anything.     His royal life has imparted the Sultan with a taste for many pleasures. He delights in his appearance, modifying it at a whim with tattoos, piercings, clothes, and jewelry. He has a taste for fine wine and can drink even giants under the table. But none of this compares to the pleasure of power which he seeks at every turn. He holds himself highly and his actions betray this, his nasally voice seeming to talk down upon the world. He also pauses during conversation and often stands still for long periods: each word he speaks and action he takes seem to be entirely planned.
Current Location
Beads of black
A deep red crest on his head and neck
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark green scales

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