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Medium Wood Elf Magic College Student, Neutral Good

Armor Class
Hit Points 45


15 +2


20 +5


8 -1


10 +0


17 +3


7 -2

Urimoira by Jarhed
Languages Common, Elvish


A Wood Elf woman who dislikes using magic because she is not very bright. She prefers to use her bow, and finds magic to be a waste of time. At least, that's what she says. She actually wants to improve so people can like her. She is a typical "tsundere." She will actually really want to be friends with the Monions, but attacks them initially because she doesn't want to admit it.  

Magic Affinity

Urimoira has earth magic, which she specifically uses to control plants.


Urimoira uses earth magic, but mostly just uses her bow.

  • Arrow Attack- Shoots her bow at her target. It does d8 damage.
  • Branching Arrow- Shoots an arrow, and controls the wood to make it branch out and stab targets around it. Will be shot between multiple targets, dealing d8 to both if it hits.
  • Stemine Invasion- Can grow a plant out of the ground. This plant is a Stemine. She rolls a d10 when doing it. If she rolls a 1-3, it does not have petals. If it is a 4-7, it is a deactivated Stemine. If it is an 8-10, it is an active Stemine.
  • Peace not War- Makes an arrow that hits the ground in front of her target. Once it lands, it turns into a flower, which she uses to offer peace.
  • War not Peace- If her offer for peace is denied, the flower will turn gigantic and carnivorous, and begin trying to eat her targets.

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