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Medium Devil Magic College Student, Chaotic Neutral

Armor Class
Hit Points 60


15 +2


10 +0


20 +5


16 +3


7 -2


18 +4

Debauchery by Jarhed
Languages Common, Infernal, Orcish


Debauchery is a Devil that loves to party. He drinks constantly, and insists everyone around him drink. He doesn't like people to bother him when he's drinking.  

Magic Affinity

Debauchery has ice magic.


Debauchery is an ice mage, and also has an Area Devil ability. This ability is listed first below, and it contributes to a major mechanic in this fight.

  • Western Front- Debauchery has the Area Devil ability Western Front. This ability halts all communication around him, making it so anyone with him while it is activated does not perceive of anyone but themselves and Debauchery. This makes group fights difficult, as since the group cannot coordinate their attacks, they all attack at once, and then he attacks. They cannot do team-up attacks, but just singular attacks against him. Anyone that gets within melee range of him must roll dexterity to see if they are hit by their teammates attack instead. This is activated at the beginning of combat, and only ends when the fight does.
  • On the Rocks- Surrounds his opponent with ice cubes, which deal 4d4 damage.
  • Tray of Ice- Creates ice that walls off all of his opponents, making them stuck in place. He will only do this if people are near him, so they can get hit with attacks.
  • Frozen Bottle- He coats his bottles of alcohol in his ice magic, freezing them solid, and then hits people with them. These deal d8 damage.
  • Bottle- Hits people with his unfrozen bottles. Deal d6 damage.
  • Breathalyzer- Breathes in the air, freezing the air in front of him into a blade of ice, which he then spits out at enemies. Deals d6 damage.
  • Ice House- Spills his alcohol on the ground. If someone steps in it, he freezes it. This gets them stuck for 1 turn and does d8 damage.

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