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Small Halfling Magic College Student, Lawful Neutral

Armor Class
Hit Points 30


10 +0


17 +3


8 -1


19 +4


16 +3


14 +2

Zefsica by Jarhed
Languages Common


Zefsica is a Halfling with a very vulgar mouth. She often lashes out at those around her, but rarely likes to back up those words. She has a sister at home who she wants to get back to, so if any fight she gets involved in looks like it's going south (aka if she gets below 10 HP) she will give up.  

Magic Affinity

Zefsica is a fire mage.


Zefsica uses fire magic to attack, using small attacks in rapid succession rather than large scale attacks. Due to her speed, she is often able to get off two attacks in one turn.

  • Flame Shot- A small fireball that targets a specific body part with its flames. It deals d4 damage, but can be used for both attacks in one turn.
  • Backburn- Creates a small flame on the targets back. If they fail a constitution roll, it will not go out until combat ends. It deals d6 damage per turn.
  • Head and Shoulders- Creates a small fire on the head and on both shoulders of the target that starts to burn them if they fail a constitution roll. This attack deals 3d4 damage, but no other attack can be done that turn if it is used.
  • Kabloom- Creates a small flower made of fire, which she tosses at her enemies while giving the middle finger with her other hand. If it hits, it does d12 damage. Can only be used once in the fight.
  • Lit As Fire (AF)- Turns her staff into fire, smacking people with it now deals d10 damage rather than the standard d8 her staff would normally deal.
  • Staff- A standard hit with the staff would deal d8 damage.

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