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Small Dwarf Magic College Student, Chaotic Good

Armor Class
Hit Points 30


10 +0


15 +2


7 -2


17 +3


22 +6


15 +2

Balrus by Jarhed
Languages Common, Dwarvish


Balrus is a Dwarven adventurer who, after a long life, decided to finally study magic at the Magic College. He has little care for what happens to himself, and seeks to return to the glory days. For this, he often asks to test his might against others.  

Magic Affinity

Balrus uses dark magic. He is not the most proficient mage, knowing very few real spells, and instead just pelting his opponents with magic.


Balrus uses basic spells of dark magic. They are not anything too fancy, but they get the job done. He is also not very creative when naming his attacks, a contrast to the other dark mage of the class, Nyxius Grirrin.  

  • Black Bullet- Shoots out a small, concentrated blast of dark energy at his opponent. It is very fast, with disadvantage on dex against it. It only deals d6 damage.
  • Crit Hit- He coats his club in dark magic, and hits people with it. This does nothing to damage, being the same d8 as any normal attack, but it has a higher chance to land a critical hit. A 17 or higher will grant a critical hit, which deals double damage.
  • Dark Wall- He makes a wall to protect himself. Any hit will destroy the wall, magical or otherwise.

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