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Asadim Brittlebind

Medium Lich Magic College Student, Neutral Evil

Armor Class
Hit Points 40


10 +0


18 +4


7 -2


19 +4


10 +0


17 +3

Asadim Brittlebind by Jarhed
Languages Common, Infernal


Once a human, Asadim Brittlebind loved theatrics. He gained powerful magic, and managed to keep himself alive even after his death during his first year at the Magic College. His classmate, Whistle, was not so lucky, so he began spending his time making the perfect memorial for him in the form of a theatrical performance.   He is both a necromancer and a user of the item magic Sword Magic.


Asadim has necromancy powers as well as Sword Magic. These are some of the things he is able to do.

  • Sword Swarm- Shoot out a large blast of swords at his opponents. This can target 2 people at once, and will deal 2d8 damage.
  • Skeleton Song- He plays a song, and the skeletons get stronger. They gain a +2 to every stat. This can only be used twice in a single combat instance.
  • Sabre Slash- A giant sword appears in the air, and slashes at the entire group of enemies. It deals d12 damage, but there is advantage on dex rolls to dodge it.
  • Sarcophagus Scene- Hides himself within a sarcophagus. This makes him impossible to hit, and the sarcophagus must be dealt with first. It has 10 HP. While he is inside of this sarcophagus, the skeletons take on a much more defensive pattern, not attacking anyone if they stay away from the sarcophagus. While he is within the sarcophagus, he heals d6 HP per turn.
  • Short Sword- He summons a very tiny blade, almost like a butter knife. With it, he is much faster, and gains a +2 towards dexterity while attacking with it. He uses this to do very flashy moves with the sword, though it only does d6 damage.
  • Song Stage- If he is at a disadvantage, and is not standing with his skeletons, he sings an aria, which causes the skeletons to begin shaking. Then, the skeletons begin sprouting blades from their bones. The Players now have disadvantage in dex rolls to dodge the skeletons dance moves.

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