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Nyxius Grirrin

Medium Dragonborn Magic College Student, Chaotic Neutral

Armor Class
Hit Points 60


14 +2


8 -1


12 +1


16 +3


18 +4


10 +0

Nyxius Gririnn by Jarhed
Languages Common, Draconic


A Goth Dragonborn girl, Nyxius Grirrin enjoys sitting alone and meditating surrounded by candles.  

Magic Affinity

Nyxius Grirrin has dark magic.


Nyxius Grirrin attacks with all sorts of dark magic spells, not limited to what is seen here. Her spells include:  

  • Dark Umbrella- She creates an umbrella of dark magic. She can use this to attack, but can also spread it out to absorb attacks. Dark Magic absorbs all magical attacks except for light magic and physical magic creations like rocks from earth magic or buildings from structure magic. This umbrella deals d8 damage per hit if used as a weapon.
  • Face of Death- She creates a terrifying face in her hand made of dark magic. Looking at this face can terrify opponents, and they must roll wisdom saving throws to not take psychological damage from it. It does d10 damage.
  • Cloak of the Night- Creates a cloak of dark magic to surround herself. This can allow her to absorb magical attacks used against her, rolling intelligence instead of dexterity or constitution.
  • Necronomicon- Creates a book of darkness, with which she can utter phrases that create dark magic inside of her targets. It does this by turning their natural mana into dark magic. It does d8 damage.

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