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Small Dwarf Magic College Student, Chaotic Good

Armor Class
Hit Points 60


20 +5


19 +4


16 +3


18 +4


15 +2


10 +0

Melthrum by Jarhed
Languages Common, Draconic, Dwarvish


Melthrum is a Dwarven student at the Magic College who is 100 years old, quite young for a Dwarf. He aspires to become the General of the Orange Phoenix squad of the Dwarven army. He feels that there is nothing he should not do to prove himself a capable soldier, unless it is itself a crime. He is often held back by the closest thing he has to friends, Salasar Feaphed and Fepar Tilrak. They often calm him down with rocks, as he is a fan of geology.
His reaction to the Monions is that he wants to defeat them. He does not want to kill them, but instead wants to send a message that he was able to beat such strong Goblins. He hopes it would get him noticed by the Dwarven higher-ups.


Melthrum can attack with earth magic, using all types of rocks and minerals to pelt enemies with. He is also prone to punching his opponents. Some of his moves are as follows.  

  • Melthrum's Scale of Hardness- Melthrum can create minerals of all sorts to hit his opponents. He has, in his study of rocks, created a scale of what he believes to be the hardness of a mineral. Once he attacks, he then rolls a d10 to determine which mineral he creates. Check the table below to see the range of this attack, and what damage die are used for the attack.
  • Rock Gauntlets- Creates rocks that surround his arms. He then punches with them, dealing d10s per hit. He can hit with both hands on one attack, but it requires a roll for both attacks at once.
  • Marble Statue- Coats himself in marble. This raises his constitution by +2, but for the turn immediately after using it, he is immobile and cannot attack.

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