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Falrash Vortrin

Medium Dragonborn , Chaotic Good

Armor Class
Hit Points 60


20 +5


13 +1


14 +2


10 +0


6 -2


4 -3

by Jarhed
Languages Common, Draconic


A Red Dragonborn Professor who roams the Magic College, Falrash believes himself to be a guard of the ideals of Dragonborn. He follows the Grand Wizard's law, and will fight anyone that he sees challenging that.


Falrash Vortrin is a fire mage. He can do various fire spells, not limited to what is listed here. He also has a glaive, which does d10 damage.  

  • Flamethrow- Creates a flame in his hand and does a tossing motion at his target to make them believe he is trying to toss a ball of fire, but instead what he does is shoot a torrent of fire, making it more difficult to dodge. Due to this, and the cramped hallways, dex cannot be rolled against this. Only constitution. 1d8 damage.
  • Red Hot- This spell heats up his skin, making anyone that touches him take 1d10 damage. He will also use this to ram into people, dealing 1d10 fire damage alongside any damage taken from the hit.
  • Hot Tamale- Anyone stabbed with his glaive has to roll constitution once he actives this spell, as their insides begin to light on fire from this attack.

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