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Welf CR: 5

Medium , any
Armor Class:
Hit Points: 30


17 +3


18 +4


10 +0


5 -3


8 -1


12 +1

Welf by Jarhed


The Welf can attack with three moves.

  • Bite- Can nip at its target with either its forward mouth or the mouth disguised as a saddle. Does d10 damage.
  • Pounce- Can leap at its target. Does d8 damage.
  • Beam- From its front mouth, it can shoot out a beam of blue energy created from its food. Does d12 damage, but can only be done when charged.
The Welf has one final move, not an attack, but something that can shift combat.
  • Teleport- The Welf uses its stored energy to instead move itself on the battlefield to somewhere else in sight.

Welfs are wolves from the Elven Forest. They have two mouths, one on their face, and one on their back. They evolved to disguise this secondary mouth as a saddle, and will eat anyone that sits on their backs. 
Their front mouth does not lead to their digestive tract, but instead to an energy source in their body. This energy source is charged by food, and when it has consumed enough, it can shoot out a beam of energy.
This energy can also be used to teleport the Welf from one location to another.

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Statblock Type

Monster (2020)