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Crordoth Narakas

Medium Dragonborn Grand Wizard, Neutral

Armor Class
Hit Points 150


16 +3


17 +3


11 +0


18 +4


8 -1


10 +0

Crordoth Narakas by Jarhed
Languages Common, Draconic


The 60th Grand Wizard, Crordoth Narakas finds himself at the center of the Grand Wizard Struggle, and for that is not up to the standard that other Grand Wizards are at.   While he is an Item Mage, with Mind Magic, he is unable to produce crazy spells or manipulate the mind to a grand scale. Crordoth is someone who sees himself not as an incredible mage, but as a roadblock to prevent others from surpassing him. He is content with his lack of power if he can ensure that there is no one stronger than him.

Using his Intelligence score to cast, Crordoth uses Mind Magic. Based off of his personality and ideals, his Mind Magic is not an attack necessarily, but a roadblock. His spells are stun attacks, as well as attacks that can do things like cause disadvantage. He does not have a spell he uses to cause harm, instead preferring his spear.


Some examples of spells Crordoth would be able to use are:

  • Mental Block- He causes the target to temporarily forget how to use their magic, causing disadvantage on attack rolls that require magic.
  • Pavlovian Power- Can only be used once in combat, but each turn the target who was hit with it does less and less damage to the user, as each time they try and attack, Crordoth creates a ringing noise in their heads that makes their mind dislike the action of attacking him. If they were doing d10 damage, the next turn it would be d8, then d6, d4, and finally, if combat lasts long enough, they would be unable to do damage to him.
  • In the Headlights- Crordoth makes the target's brain unable to send messages to the legs, and therefore the target is unable to move their legs. If they are capable of ranged attacks, they can still attack on the next turn. Otherwise, they cannot move.

Legendary Actions

Crordoth can use a few legendary actions with his magic. They are as follows:

  • Id Control- Causes the target to go on a rampage, attacking anyone. They roll a d8 to see who they target in their next attack, each representing one of their party members. The number that would normally represent them is the one that represents Crordoth.
  • Ego Manipulation- The target does not see the real place around them, but instead sees themselves in an an environment of Crordoth's choosing. Examples of environments are: Underwater, in a land made of candy, in Hell, and in Heaven.
  • Superego Shift- He makes the target believe it is morally wrong to hurt him. Their turn is skipped this round as they think about what they've done.

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