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Lolth's Cloak

Wondrous Item


Nyx's Cloak by Max A Million

One of the Divine Items, the Shadow Magic of Lolth's Cloak is likely the closest Item Magic┬ácomes to being a normal magic affinity. Being able to manipulate any shadows in a large radius around the user is a major facet of the cloak's Shadow Magic.   However, Shadow Magic also works in a way similar to Soul Magic. By controlling the Shadow, the user can control the person connected to the Shadow, allowing some spells that turn the Shadow Mage into a Puppet Master. Rolling Intelligence against the targets Constitution, on a successful roll the user takes control of the target for two turns.   Shadow Magic can also be used like a voodoo doll, hurting the target indirectly by making their shadow contort or stretch in ways that should not be possible for the body that houses the shadow. While it would not harm the body itself, it would harm the soul. For Lolth's shadows are extensions of the soul, not the body, which light projects onto the ground.

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Item (2020)