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Sehanine's Shifting Item

Wondrous Item


by Max A Million

One of the Divine Items, Sehanine's Shifting Item grants Copy Magic, a form of Item Magic. The Shifting Item is not one specific item, but is instead constantly changing forms. This, and the magic the item holds, is to suit the jealous Goddess that created it, always envious of what the other Gods created, yet without a unique enough idea herself to create something all her own.   Copy Magic is an item that can be considered one of the strongest, yet also one of the weakest. A copy mage is able to store and copy spells that are used near or against them, using them against foes even if the spell is not of their affinity. They can even copy other Item Magic.
However, they can only store four spells at once. Beyond that, they must replace one of their already stored spells with a new spell.

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Item (2020)