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Pick a Lock

Requirements Requirements You have thieves’ tools.
Description Opening a lock without a key is very similar to Disabling a Device, but the DC of the check is determined by the complexity and construction of the lock you are attempting to pick. 
Applications Locks of higher qualities might require multiple successes to unlock, since otherwise even an unskilled burglar could easily crack the lock by attempting the check until they rolled a natural 20. If you lack the proper tools, the GM might let you used improvised picks, which are treated as shoddy tools, depending 0n the specifics of the lock. Critical Success  Success  Critical Failure  Degrees of Performance
  • Critical Success You unlock the lock, or you achieve two successes toward opening a complex lock. You leave no trace of your tampering.
  • Success You open the lock, or you achieve one success toward opening a complex lock.
  • Critical Failure You break your tools. Fixing them requires using Crafting to Repair them or else swapping in replacement picks (costing 3 sp, or 3 gp for infiltrator thieves’ tools).

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Pathfinder 2e

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Action / Feat