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Sense Direction

Description Using the stars, the position of the sun, traits of the geography or flora, or the behavior of fauna, you can stay oriented in the wild. 
Applications Typically, you attempt a Survival check only once per day, but some environments or changes might necessitate rolling more often. The GM determines the DC and how long this activity takes (usually just a minute or so). More unusual locales or those you’re unfamiliar with might require you to have a minimum proficiency rank to Sense Direction. Without a compass, you take a –2 item penalty to checks to Sense Direction.             Degrees of Performance
  • Critical Success You get an excellent sense of where you are. If you are in an environment with cardinal directions, you know them exactly.
  • Success You gain enough orientation to avoid becoming hopelessly lost. If you are in an environment with cardinal directions, you have a sense of those directions.
  • Untrained determine a cardinal direction using the sun.
  • Trained find an overgrown path in a forest.
  • Expert navigate a hedge maze.
  • Master navigate a byzantine labyrinth or relatively featureless desert
  • Legendary navigate an ever-changing dream realm.

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Pathfinder 2e

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