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Gather Information

Description You canvass local markets, taverns, and gathering places in an attempt to learn about a specific individual or topic.
Applications The GM determines the DC of the check and the amount of time it takes (typically 2 hours, but sometimes more), along with any benefit you might be able to gain by spending coin on bribes, drinks, or gifts. Degrees of Performance
  • Critical Success You gain relevant information from the next Higher difficulty tier.
  • Success You collect information about the individual or topic. The GM determines the specifics.
  • Critical FailureYou collect incorrect information about the individual or topic.

Sample Gather Information Tasks

  • Untrained talk of the town
  • Trained common rumor
  • Expert obscure rumor, poorly guarded secret
  • Master well-guarded or esoteric information
  • Legendary information known only to an incredibly select few, or only to extraordinary beings

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Pathfinder 2e

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Action / Feat