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Description You create a disguise to pass yourself off as someone or something you are not. Assembling a convincing disguise takes 10 minutes and requires a disguise kit, but a simpler, quicker disguise might do the job if you’re not trying to imitate a specific individual, at the GM’s discretion.
Applications In most cases, creatures have a chance to detect your deception only if they use the Seek action to attempt Perception checks against your Deception DC. If you attempt to directly interact with someone while disguised, the GM rolls a secret Deception check for you against that creature’s Perception DC instead. If you’re disguised as a specific individual, the GM might give creatures you interact with a circumstance bonus based on how well they know the person you’re imitating, or the GM might roll a secret Deception check even if you aren’t directly interacting with others. Degrees of Performance
  • Success You trick the creature into thinking you’re the person you’re disguised as. You might have to attempt a new check if your behavior changes.
  • FailureThe creature can tell you’re not who you claim to be.
  • Critical FailureThe creature can tell you’re not who you claim to be, and it recognizes you if it would know you without a disguise.

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Pathfinder 2e

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