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Create a Diversion

Description With a gesture, a trick, or some distracting words, you can create a diversion that draws creatures’ attention elsewhere.
Applications If you use a gesture or trick, this action gains the manipulate trait. If you use distracting words, it gains the auditory and linguistic traits.   Attempt a single Deception check and compare it to the Perception DCs of the creatures whose attention you’re trying to divert. Whether or not you succeed, creatures you attempt to divert gain a +4 circumstance bonus to their Perception DCs against your attempts to Create a Diversion for 1 minute. Degrees of Performance
  • Success You become hidden to each creature whose Perception DC is less than or equal to your result. This lasts until the end of your turn or until you do anything except Step or use the Hide or the Sneak action of the Stealth skill. If you Strike a creature, the creature remains flat‑footed against that attack, and you then become observed. If you do anything else, you become observed just before you act unless the GM determines otherwise.
  • FailureYou don’t divert the attention of any creatures whose Perception DC exceeds your result, and those creatures are aware you were trying to trick them.

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Pathfinder 2e

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Action / Feat